Our families have been customers of Annapolis Yacht Sales for over ten years – through the purchase of two new boats, and the selling of two used ones. We have always been impressed and thankful for the AYS team’s dedication to customers and attention to detail through the entire process. From sales and admin, to riggers, installers, and fabricators, working with AYS has been a pleasure. They bring to the table deep expertise in the boating industry along with a genuine willingness to understand customer needs, adapt to those needs, and just get things done so owners can do what they are itching to: get the sails up! An example that exhibits AYS’ service-oriented approach relates to something that seems simple but can be frustrating: the USCG Documentation process. The Coast Guard does a lot with a little. So, after submitting our application it wasn’t surprising to wait months to get our Certificate of Documentation. But it was disheartening to finally instead get a deficiency notice due to one missing piece of info AND to learn we’d then have to go back to the end of the line. AYS didn’t handle the original submission for us (we did it ourselves), but not only did they step in to get USCG what they needed, they also were able to work some magic to get the process expedited. A bit over a week later: done, we had our COD in hand. Thank you AYS! Bravo Zulu.