Long time sailor and serial boat owner, John “retired” in his 20’s and sailed his 21′ sailboat from Michigan out the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway to Nova Scotia and then to Florida. A couple years later on to the Caribbean. He “retired” again in his 30’s to attempt a similar trip sailing his 30′ steel sailboat from Michigan making a “detour” up on some rocks in western NY. Coming to his senses, after a fashion, it being November, he thought to put the boat on truck and hauled to Shady Side Md, where coincidently he lives today. From there another sail to Florida and later on to Puerto Rico. John worked a number of years in the marine industry in Florida. Later settling in Maryland, where he spent 25 years in the book business. He also taught sailing at Get Away Sailing in Baltimore. 4 years ago he went back to the boating world…just because he could.