#1 Expect to sign a Listing Agreement which includes:

Selling Price

Your Annapolis Yacht Sales broker will research what comparable boats are for sale and evaluate what price similar boats have been sold for to advise you at what price the vessel should be offered. That selling price will appear on your Agreement.


The agreement gives your Broker a minimum of 6 months to exclusively represent your boat.


In exchange for marketing, representing, and processing all documents necessary to complete the sale of your boat, we collect a commission of 10% of the selling price or a minimum of $7,000, whichever is greater. Nothing is due until we sell your boat.

#2 Expect to provide your Broker with a copy of your driver’s license, title, registration card and Certificate of Documentation (if applicable).

Having this on hand will make the paperwork process quick and simple when your boat sells.

#3 Expect your Broker to familiarize them self with your boat.

Take pictures and/or video to build your listing.