Annapolis Yacht Sales boat service is a one-stop shop for the entire journey of buying and owning a boat. Our expert team helps customers to find the right boat for them and offers a lifetime of support and services. From boat financing and boat insurance to boat repair, you can trust Annapolis Yacht Sales.

AYS Boat Service Types

Boat Financing

Annapolis Yacht Sales offers boat financing to purchase your vessel. Our trustworthy, experienced team can guide you through the boat financing process, from credit checks to monthly payment plans. Secure your new boat with Annapolis Yacht Sales’ financing and start your ownership journey today. 

Boat Insurance

Annapolis Yacht Sales offers boat insurance so you can have complete peace of mind while on board. Insurance can protect you from paying out of pocket for any upgrades or repairs your boat might need in its lifetime. Our team can help find the right boat insurance for you. 

Boat Repair

Annapolis Yacht Sales offers high-quality boat repair in-house at three Maryland and Virginia locations. Our expert boat technicians have years of experience in boat repair and will assess and fix your boat quickly and effectively.  You can trust your boat is in good hands with Annapolis Yacht Sales.

Sailboat and Powerboat Fall Commissioning

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