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Boat Detailing

Yacht Detailing At Annapolis Yacht Sales In Maryland & Virginia

Annapolis Yacht Sales award winning Detail Department offer a range of services starting with a simple wash to full interior and exterior details. We also offer hassle-free, convenient wash programs customized to your boat and individual services like compounding, polishing and waxing. Sail or power, big or small, we’ve got you covered. Traveling is no problem.

Detailing Services

All package details are customized and priced according to the customer’s request, size of boat and are on a case by case basis. We offer the following detailing services:

Scrub all surfaces on deck, cabin sides and cockpit with soap and water. Chamois dry and clean all glass.

Wipe, dust and vacuum all cabins, heads, galley and salon. Clean all toilets and sinks. Clean all mirrors and glass.

Scrub and wash all surfaces on deck, cabin sides and cockpit removing any spots, stains and mildew. All locker gutters wiped clean. Spot clean canvas. Chamois dry and clean all glass/Eisen glass with soft microfiber towel.

Dust, vacuum and clean all surfaces in cabins, heads, galley and salon removing any spots/stains/mildew. Clean toilet, sink and shower in head removing any mildew/soap scum. All seat cushions cleaned. All porthole and hatch seals cleaned. All lockers opened and wiped clean without removing any personal items. All appliances opened, scrubbed and cleaned. Clean and remove any standing water in bilge.

Acid wash waterline to remove algae stain (as needed). Wash hull with boat soap.

Detailed wash plus apply cleaner wax to all smooth areas on cabin sides, cockpit and gunwales.

Acid wash waterline to remove algae stain (as needed). Wash and apply cleaner wax to hull sides.

Topside and hull side wax.

Wash Packages

Our wash programs are all about providing you with convenience, expertise, and a clean boat, so you can spend more time enjoying your boat than working on your boat.

Join our wash program and enjoy the customization that fits into your schedule and fulfills your needs. Choose the type of detailing service from above and the frequency of the service. You can choose from the following wash programs:

Detail Maintenance Packages

3 Complete Details and weekly detailed washes (rub rail up).

2 Complete Details and weekly detailed washes (rub rail up).

1 Complete Detail, 1 Topside Wax and bi-weekly detailed washes (rub rail up).

Brokerage Wash Program

Keep your boat clean and sparkling while it’s on the market by signing up for our brokerage wash program. This program includes:

The wash includes: wash and rinse of deck/hull, all of the exterior glass wiped clean, all locker gutters wiped and rinsed, and a quick chamois dry of the deck.

Individual Detail Services

We also offer many individual detailing services versus purchasing a full exterior or interior package. Our individual services are listed below, but if you don’t see what you need, just ask us.


Detailing and wash pricing varies according to boat size and type of service, please call (410) 267-8181 or email Mary Heinritz at with your boat’s make, model, year, name, location and we will send you an estimate right away!

Commitment & Quality

Our professionalism and commitment to our clients, along with our quality of work will not be topped. If you are not happy – we are not done. The detailing crews love their work and would feel privileged to spend time aboard your yacht.


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